Glenn Wilkinson

Talk : The Machines that Betrayed their Masters: Mobile Device Tracking & Security Concerns

The devices we carry betray us to those who want to invade our privacy and security by emitting uniquely identifiable signals. The most common example is that of the wireless signals emitted by your mobile phone (even whilst tucked safely into your pocket), but as new technologies develop so do new signatures. Such signals may be used to track you, or be used toward more malicious intent.

The risk of an attack on these implementation flaws was first demonstrated in 2004 with the Karma exploit, however, the flaws still exist and have become more numerous as the number of WiFi enabled devices has grown. What’s more the privacy risks have not been fully explored until now.

This talk will discuss the process the author has gone through to build a resilient, modular, reliable, distributed, tracking framework. Data captured from several security conferences will be explored and discussed.

While Snoopy has been presented before, it was still in the earlier stages of development. Since then, a significant amount of work has been put into the framework (e.g XBee, SnooPi, and Quadcopters), and much experience gained in its use. A live demonstration will be given during the talk.

Bio :

Glenn currently works at SensePost with his role divided between penetration testing, training, and research. He holds two masters degrees from the University of Oxford.

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