Some workshops are permanent during the conference.

RFID/NFC security & privacy by Philippe Teuwen

  • Thursday afternoon 14:00-17h30
  • Friday afternoon 14:00-17h30

Two main goals of this workshop are:

  • highlighting the privacy and security issues in some deployments (epassports, transportation cards, card emulation, relay attacks…).
  • giving the (open-source) tools and knowledge to the audience so that they can go back home and try stuffs by themselves.

Topics covered:

  • RFID/NFC readers for PC supported by open-source software
  • PC/SC: limits of manipulating RFID with contact-oriented standards (ATR/ATS & APDUs).
  • NFC, anticollision, card emulation, relay attacks, RFID authentication protocol example
  • libnfc tools, RFIDIOt tools, ePassports, privacy
  • Open hardwares, Proxmark

The workshop is a mix of intro to readers, standards, tools, security aspects, hands-on & demos.

For the hands-on, I distribute bootable CDs (based on Debian Live) with all drivers & open-source tools I could find and the first 15 participants can borrow a reader and tags.

Requirements to be able to participate actively:

  • A laptop able to boot on a CD or a USB key (if so, please bring yourself a USB key >= 1Gb to be formatted).
  • And of course, bring your own tags, epassports, etc!

Cryptoparty by Okhin

  • Thursday afternoon 15:00-17h00

A crypto party of course. An idea is to learn to non-cypherpunks how to work safely in a hostile environment.

  • An introduction to information security (what is crypto and why you should use it)
  • Tails and Liberté Linux install & discover party
  • Workshops around Tor and other VPN and darknets
  • Workshops around end-to-end encryption with GnuPG and all the trust management stuff
  • Workshops around other means of communication (OTR, etc)
  • Workshops around live anonymous operating systems.

Lockpick by Gric

  • Friday afternoon 14:00-17h00

Wargame linux kernel by zx2c4

  • Friday 14:00 !

In this workshop, zx2c4 will show you to pwn kernels. Come with a computer capable of running VMs, with software such as VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels, or QEmu. You will need to download this image ( Knowledge of C is required.


You can bring equipments or come try to fuzze.

Wargame North Korea cyber operations training

The story is that North Korea has launched a cyber operations training facility, and you are one of the trainees. The facility has several servers which you can reach by first logging in with SSH on kishi. More info will be on the kishi website.
URL : (only acessible from the conference)

Atelier babel by okhin

  • Friday afternoon 17:00-18h30

Let’s experiment meshed network using the babel routing protocol and the openwrt stack. We’re going to demonstrate babel and build an ipv4/ipv6 meshed network using everything that can run OpenWRT or GNU/Linux.

Bring your own hardware to play with it.