Forking is great in open source.

It’s a good practice to fork things when you think you need to do something differently. That’s what a part of Hackito did last year and now they’re creating NoSuchCon. It’s our pleasure to welcome them in the french conference community and are very happy to see that it’s alive and kicking.

Of course, Hackito Ergo Sum will take place as usual and we’re delighted with the upcoming speeches and events that we are going to host in May in the same spirit of playful, open, extreme and offensive approach to hack, privacy, security, cyberXXX (s/XXX/whatever you want/).

Now 4 conference is a lot for a town as Paris: Hackito Ergo Sum, NoSuchCon, Nuit du Hack and Hack in Paris. And with GreHack, RSSIL, SSTIC, and other conferences, that’s definitely a strong group! Is it a community yet? Probably not for all, but then they should mix and blend. Let’s make it the case!

It’s also excellent that more english-speaking conference take place! Definitely a good sign to opening!

Let’s hope every one of them gets its public and be as great as possible.

Yours truly,
Hackito Ergo Sum organization team.

Edits: Added non-parisian conferences in the list thanks to Comments. Thank you “Just a fruit” 🙂